Why should you get a coach anyway?

You know this is so modern these days. Everyone has a life coach now. Especially successful and famous people, and even presidents. But why do they need a life coach?

It is very difficult, even for the most successful people, to be inside their own narrative and outside of it at the same time. This is why the coach can see things that you usually cannot. The purpose of the coach is for you to be successful in anything you want. Your success is the coach’s success. So it’s like having an observer who is outside of your narrative, but has the same goals as you. This is why, the coach will give you the feedback others won’t.

How do you qualify a coach?

Having a certificate is good, but it does not make a coach great. I have been personally trained by the best in the world – Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha. But this is not a part of my 20 reasons to choose me as your coach.

I believe that each and every person is unique and this is why a coach and a client should make a bond and feel good with each other. This is why a good coach would give you a free session in the beginning. This way you can get in touch with the coach and see how it feels to communicate with this person. Does the conversation flow easily, does it feel strange or uncomfortable? Is the coach cheerful and friendly or too challenging and unpleasant?

So if you’d really like to know if a coach is the right coach for you – take the free session. Use it to qualify the coach, based on how you feel during the conversation and after that. Do you feel uplifted, energized and enthusiastic? Or do you feel uncomfortable, unpleasant or weird?

So here are 20 things I believe are very important for your process of transformation and will help you get fast results and efficiency while working with me.

  1. I have experience – not just with clients, but with applying all the strategies and tools I will teach you to my own life, and achieving great results.
  2. I am great at organizing and navigating through complex projects – it is easy for me to see the big picture and keep the end goal in mind, so I can help you organize everything that’s necessary to achieve your goals.
  3. I have great imagination – it is easy for me to feel what you feel, and I can also show you how to use your imagination as a tool to literally form and shape your reality.
  4. I can make you laugh – I am a laughter yoga instructor and laughter is one of the best tools we can use to release stress and feel better about ourselves.
  5. I know that you are unique – I believe that every person is unique and thus there are unique solutions for your situations, so everything we do will be personalized for you.
  6. I will suggest unconventional solutions – sometimes doing something really irrational gives fast results, while standard solutions either don’t work or work very slowly.
  7. I try new things all the time, so I can give you tons of ideas – I love brainstorming and it is a very powerful tool to find solutions and ideas.
  8. I will challenge you, but you will feel good about it – I have invented a method I call comfortable challenges, and you will be able to use it to make challenges feel better and better every time.
  9. I will help you connect with your inner child – your inner child gives you energy and connecting to it and waking up your playfulness can be really beneficial in many situations.
  10. I will help you love yourself – loving yourself is the baseline for all the relationships in your life, so your great relationship with yourself will help you create and maintain magical relationships with others.
  11. I will help you be at peace with your emotions – as our body and mind need variety, we cannot stay in one and the same emotional state too long, so accepting our emotions is a great step towards piece
  12. I’m really passionate to see you happy – this is my passion and life purpose, so I will do everything I can to see my clients happy and fulfilled.
  13. You will have lots of fun while working on your transformation – I believe that when we have fun while we do things, we are much more efficient and get better results, so having fun will definitely be a part of the coaching process.
  14. I don’t need to be right – if I suggest something and it is not your thing, you can freely tell me and I will understand and change or adjust accordingly.
  15. I will give you incredibly honest feedback – feedback is one of the most important things in coaching, and I will not save you things in order for you to like me.
  16. I will support you and uplift you big time – with me you will have a partner that is sincerely involved and concerned with your goals, your success and fulfillment.
  17. I won’t let you stay unchanged – if you don’t feel you are moving towards your goals and making real positive changes, you can cancel anytime and I will refund any prepaid amount for packages as well as the amount for the last coaching session we already had.
  18. You will do and achieve things you never thought you could – I will help you feel comfortable about going out of your comfort zone.
  19. I’m a great listener – I’d love to hear all your stories and I want to make sure I understand every detail, as this is crucial for contributing to your positive changes.
  20. I’m very open-minded – you can feel free to share anything with me, whatever your story is, I will listen to it with an open mind and I will accept and appreciate you, just the way you are.

If you are curious what it would be to have me as your coach, apply for a free session here and I will get in touch with you shortly.