Are we asking ourselves enough questions?

Children ask about 200 questions a day. And you? How many questions do you ask per day? What are the things that you have taken for granted?

For example, do you know why we see the sky as blue? And how are the colors of the rainbow formed? Why do we dye eggs on Easter and why a rabbit brings them? What is the common between eggs, rabbits and Jesus Christ? Why the same person can be liked by some people and hated by others? What processes happen in your body when you drink a cup of coffee? What actually is cholesterol?

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and the world around you? Ask yourself at least one question per day and find out the answer. Actually, here is a secret – if you search for the answer, you will find at least three different answers to the same question.

Do this exercise:

Ask yourself a question and search for as much information for it as you can find. See how many different opinions and points of view you will find. Observe how different people explain things in different ways, even though these things are the same in their basis. Explore what reactions and emotions you have when you go through the different answers. In the end pick the answer that suits you best, but not the one that your mind accepts most easily. Pick the one that moves you and makes you feel something deep inside of you. Think if you want to add something from your own experience to the explanation. Make up your own theory, based on your own experiences and feelings. This is YOUR answer. Now you have chosen your own answer, but you know that there are other points of view and other possibilities, too. You have expanded your view on the world, your perception is no longer limited to one answer or one opportunity.

If you see an elephant from one side, you would describe it as an animal that has two legs and one eye. If you see the front side of the elephant, you would describe that it has a trunk and two eyes. If you see the back side of the elephant, you would say that it has a tail. But only if you see all sides of the elephant, would you be able to describe how it looks as a whole, right? 🙂

So please, ask yourself questions.