Do we really need to be uncomfortable to succeed in life? I have made the biggest achievements in my life at times when I was feeling comfortable. I was feeling confident and doing something that I could do well, so I felt free to improvise and communicate my ideas, to learn and grow. This is the way I grew a lot – by trying new things, but things that made me feel excited, interested, motivated, cheered up…. not uncomfortable.

I think “uncomfortable” is the wrong word, even though we hear it so often, and so many gurus advise us to get uncomfortable and get used to it. We are actually already so much used to being uncomfortable, that we don’t even realize what is uncomfortable for us.

However, there are comfortable challenges and uncomfortable challenges. There are things that go in your natural flow of development. They might be challenging, but these challenges feel so natural to you, that they are not uncomfortable at all. You just know what’s right and you go for it. You don’t doubt, because you feel it. And when you feel it, you just know it. And when you know it, you are confident. When you are confident, you feel comfortable.

So in order to grow, just find the one thing that you are really passionate about right now. I am not talking about things like “your mission” or “purpose in life”. Because the things that you are passionate about can change very often. You just need to be sensitive about that and recognize it. Whenever you feel you really want something, just do it. Don’t overthink it.  This way you will feel comfortable, and grow tremendously at the same time. This is the easiest and at the same time most rewarding path to go.

If it was so, you’d say, then why isn’t everybody doing that. Well, of course, there is a problem. And the problem is that we consistently learn to make uncomfortable things feel comfortable to us. We create habits, and start going on auto pilot. So for example a job that could be really uncomfortable to us, feels like comfortable, because everyone else is doing it, and we have now created a habit to wake up in the morning and go again and again to the same office and do the same things, and meet the same people. But the real problem is, we don’t realize it. We have shut down our sensitivity and our inner voice. We don’t communicate with ourselves anymore.

So here is a challenge for you. If you really want to grow, live the life of your dreams and follow the most rewarding path ever, start listening to yourself. Quiet your mind and listen to you inner senses. You can do that even for 10 seconds in the beginning. Do it several times a day, just for a few seconds. Do this every day for at least 2 months. I promise you, you will start feeling and knowing much more. Would it be comfortable or uncomfortable? It’s up to you. J

Do this first step, start listening to yourself, increase your sensitivity. This will give you the energy and motivation to start changing things. When you have energy and motivation, you don’t need to get uncomfortable. This is the way to start feeling and knowing. Knowing how to take control over your life and expand your comfort zone in a comfortable way.

There are challenges that we are willing to take and challenges that we are not willing to take. Start taking the challenges you are willing to at this moment. These are what I call “comfortable challenges”. They are still challenging to you, but you can see yourself doing them and you can easily make a plan to do them. From my experience, I know that the more you take the comfortable challenges, the more you will be willing to take the challenges you were not willing to before.

When you constantly see the advice to get out of your comfort zone and everybody tells you that it’s necessary to feel uncomfortable to succeed, this might freeze you.

Start from where you feel certain, start from where you feel inspired and excited, start where your passion is. This way the feeling of “uncomfortable” will be so insignificant, that you might even not notice it.