How positive thinking actually works and why some people are against it

Positive thinking worksImagine walking on the street and seeing a stranger walking towards you. How many options do you have in this situation? Smile at him, frown at him, start talking to him, nudge him, give him a gift… there are really a lot of possibilities, that we can’t even think of right now. There are countless possibilities for the corresponding result of the situation as well – we could find the kind of person we need at the moment (e.g. the right broker, baby-sitter, partner in life, business partner, etc.), and we could also receive a frowned face, an insult or another negative thing. This depends on our initial reaction, but what does this exact initial reaction depend on?

Your senses are sending about 11 million bits of information per second to your brain, but your conscious mind is able to process only 50 bits! [1] This means that there is a whole lot of things going on around you, much more things than you could realize. In other words, there are a LOT of things that you do not notice at all!

However, what is it that defines which things you would notice and which ones you wouldn’t? The answer is: your thoughts or what you are focused on at the moment. Take the example above with the stranger you meet on the street. If something great has just happened to you, you are in a good mood, your soul is singing, everything around you seems beautiful… in such a moment you might be willing to say a compliment to a stranger, or even give the stranger flowers or offer help for something. If you are in a dark mood though, the whole world seems wrong to you, then you might be willing to say something insulting to a stranger or nudge him, etc. But in all cases this is just the same stranger, the same person. What makes him attractive or disgusting to you in a given moment? It’s your own attitude! Think about it though – what is the most common way to react when you see a stranger on the street? You pass by and you don’t even look at the stranger, right? In other words, you pass by potential opportunities. And think about how many strangers you pass by every day. And this is just one example.

Of course, I am far from stating that all of these potential opportunities are good for you or would be of use to you. And this is exactly where positive thinking comes in. Because it means to focus on what you want to experience. And when you are focused on something, you would notice the opportunities related to that thing, instead of passing them by! So positive thinking helps you notice the opportunities that you are given every single day, to get what you really want. You can pass by all other opportunities with clean conscience. 🙂

Who is against positive thinking

Positive thinking is not wishful thinkingHave you read books or been to seminars or any other trainings related to positive thinking, that claim that all you have to do is sit and think of something and it will magically appear in front of you? I haven’t! In each book I read, each seminar I attended and each movie I watched on the subject, there is a part where you need to do your job, you need to accept what you are offered, you need to act! However, it seems that many people believe that they just need to do some type of “wishful thinking” and absolutely nothing more. Of course, things do not work that way and this is why these people are sure that positive thinking does not work.

I would like to note here that there are no impossible things, but since our minds work on the base of logic, it would be really hard to accept something that has materialized out of thin air. This is why the way we materialize is through creating situations and attracting the right people, so that our mind can apprehend what’s happening.

So if you are the kind of person who hopes that all you need to do is wish for a southern island, beautiful seaside and a cocktail and you will magically teleport there without any effort – give up on positive thinking, it is simply not for you. Stop thinking and get to work!

Positive thinking is not lying to yourselfI have often met another belief for positive thinking. It supports the idea that we need to lie to ourselves and when we don’t like something we need to force ourselves into thinking it is actually wonderful. Since we can’t lie to our inner feelings though, this way we only get more disappointment. The idea of positive thinking in such cases is to actually change our focus to something that is really pleasant for us and makes us feel truly good. For example, if you are in a traffic jam, instead of trying to convince yourself how great it is to be in a traffic jam, you can play some of your favorite music, remember some nice moments you had, enjoy the sun and the trees around, etc. Imagine that you have just been on a date with someone you are in love with, you had a wonderful time, you remember each second, you are in love and your soul is singing. And in this moment you get into a traffic jam. While being infatuated in thoughts for your loved one, the traffic jam will pass by like a blink of an eye and you would not even notice it. Unfortunately, the most common time to get into traffic jams is in the mornings, when you are mad at the world, because you had to get up early to go to work, that you do not like, or in the evenings when you are tired from the long day and you are in a hurry to go home. Of course, in such moments it would seem to you that you are in the traffic jam for an eternity.

Positive thinking and self-pityThere is one more type of people that are against positive thinking. These are the so called “victims”, or the ones that like to self-pity. They use their problems and are even inclined to create new problems to be able to attract attention and steal some energy from the people around them. I am sure most of them would deny that, but this is normal, as most do it unconsciously. For them positive thinking is an enemy, and this is why they make a lot of efforts to prove that it does not work. Their typical expressions are: „I was thinking so positively about this and look what happened!“; „See, I’m thinking so positively, and in spite of that bad things happen to me all the time.”; „I know about this stuff, but I can’t, it doesn’t work for me.”; „How could I think positively when I’m in this situation and my life is a mess?”; etc.

Still if you identify yourself and admit to yourself that you are the “victim” type of person, I’d like to tell you that there are much better ways to get energy, and also to attract attention. You could have all this and at the same time feel wonderful and have what to brag about instead of what to self-pity about.

There are also many cases that are a combination of the above three. The conclusion though is one – no matter what reasons you find to be against positive thinking, it works. I state this, because I have personally tested it many times. I have “accidentally” found the right information at the right moment, I have met people who helped me with their knowledge and experience, I have received offers for investments in my projects, etc. I can give a lot of examples, but my purpose here is to explain exactly how positive thinking works and why there is so much confusion around this.

Also I would like to say that this is my personal opinion and I do not intend to insult or blame anyone. Everyone should choose their own way and have the right to believe in given things or not. So if you believe in positive thinking or not – this is neither good, nor bad. Positive thinking is just an instrument, which can assist you if you use it correctly. However, you could always choose another way to achieve your goals.

I hope this was useful for you. 🙂

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