Pesto is an incredibly delicious dip that can be added to salads, different types of pasta, on bread or crackers and bruschetta and everywhere else your fantasy takes you. 🙂

The recipe is very simple and quick, and this type of pesto is also very healthy and is good for vegans and even people on raw food diet.

Here are the ingredients:

Put all the ingredients into a kitchen robot and stir it until it’s mixed to a smooth pasty. If you prefer, you can stir it less and leave some with bigger crumbs in it.

That’s all. 🙂 Then you can have it with pleasure in pasta, salads, on bread or however you like it. Here is one example idea for cherry tomatoes filled with the pesto. They are great for bites at a party or for impressing your guests.

Note: For this recipe you would need a kitchen robot. The kitchen robot is one of the most commonly used appliances for healthy eating. I personally use mine every single day for preparing various delicious things. If you still do not have a kitchen robot, you can check here for different types and choose the one you like. The more functionalities it has the better, as you can prepare a greater variety of foods and fresh juices. Mine has a juicer a citrus press, a blender, different types of graters and knives and it is so functional that I can’t go a day without using it. 🙂