Stressed? Worried? Anxious? Too many things to get done?

From a more positive state, you will be able to focus easily, get more things done faster, feel good about yourself, communicate better and a lot more.

So here are my favorite 4 ways to change your state really quickly.

  1. Stand in a power pose for 2 minutes. This will immediately change your state. You can even do that in the rest room. 🙂
  2. Hold a positive thought for 17 seconds. If you manage to hold this thought for 17 seconds another thought will appear to support it, and after 17 more seconds there will be one more. Do this 4 times and you will change your reality in a blink.
  3. Play a favorite song. Music changes our vibes. Just listen and enjoy, don’t focus on anything else while your song is playing. This will load you with positive energy and change your state quickly.
  4. Smile for no reason. If you smile for 2 minutes, your brain will find a reason for your smile. You do not need to wait for a reason to appear, just activate the muscles, do the smile, and you will activate the memory of your body for good times, when you were smiling. This will change your state right away.

Try these and let me know how they work for you. I will be really happy to see your feedback in the comments.

Thank you!