OK, this is really BIG news.

I had lots of doubts during my life. What did I really need to do? What was my true life purpose?

Not because I didn’t know what I wanted. I was absolutely sure I wanted to be a life coach and share my experience of how I improved my health, created magical relationships and attracted abundance in my life. I wanted to share with everyone how I was the happiest person in the world and how they can be the happiest person in the world, too.

However, I had so much to share, that I simply did not know where to start. I became a coach and I was regularly coaching clients, but I wanted to expand my reach and be able to help thousands and even millions of people.

I read tons of books and attended lots of seminars, not just for self-improvement, psychology and coaching, but also for marketing – my other big passion. And everyone in marketing was preaching – choose a niche, choose a niche, choose a niche….. But how could I choose a niche? If I chose health for example, what would happen with my experience with relationships, mindfulness, emotions, spiritual development…. I wanted to be able to freely share all these with the world.

And after years of coaching one on one clients and dreaming of doing so much more, finally everything fitted into its place.

I met Evelina, and we became friends about 3 years ago. But she is very intuitive and senses the world and people in a very special way.

So she felt that she could help me, and she called me one day in January. We met and she shared her idea about a website specializing in guided meditations.

At first I was a bit skeptical, and thought this would be another side project for me. However, after thinking for a few hours, the idea for Successful Start was born.

I envisioned how this incredible project can connect all the dots for us, and we can share all of our experience, making it super fun, affordable and transformational for everyone.

Furthermore, we were already seeing lots of problems in the world of personal development. Usually there is contradictory information, super expensive programs, nothing is systemized and you hardly know where to start. Most people leave their personal growth to random events and information they run into. The programs are usually taking lots of time, confusing, and the biggest problem of all – they are not fun.

So we decided to change this. And change it in a big way.

Evelina was very enthusiastic for this idea, so we started working on it right away. We started in January 2018, and here we are – from idea to full speed for less than 5 months, launching now on the 16th of May.

We have created Successful Start as a club, with lots of love, and we want this to be your cozy and warm place, where you can make miracles happen.

We give to all of our members the elements needed for super rapid growth. Check all that you get as a member here.

We will do group live coaching sessions every week. In these sessions you can be coached or listen to others be coached. This can be amazingly beneficial, because situations in life are very often common. So when you listen to others be coached, you will very likely find solutions to your own questions and doubts. I know that, because I listened to so many coaching sessions during my coaching training, and all of them were so beneficial for my own life, as well.

We will also do weekly live Q&A sessions for all our members. You can submit your questions through the week and have them answered live, during the session, while asking additional or clarifying questions in real time.

We will also do live group Reiki sessions for our members every week. During these sessions, you can receive Reiki energy to resolve different types of problems, including health problems, financial problems and relationship problems.

This way you have 3 ways to get personal attention and help from us every week.

You will receive lots of resources and programs to help you transform different areas of your life. Every month we will be adding a new full program, as well as more resources every week.

And also very important is the community, because all of Successful Start members will have access to the Successful Start Insiders secret group, where they can share, contribute, support others and be supported. Being in such a positive community can be truly magical for your growth.

Join Successful Start now and you will get all of this immediately. We also have a special discounted price until the end of May, so hurry up.

We can’t express how happy we are to be able to be with you on your transformational journey to a truly magical life.


With lots of love,

Emi and Evelina

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