Emi Petkova

Life and Business Coach

Helping you build iron-strong confidence

Hi, I’m Emi! I believe in imagination, spontaneity, joy, curiosity, laughter, inspired action and achieving things with passion.

My Story

My story is the story of a shy introvert girl who learned how to show herself openly to the world, walked the path from being in an unhappy relationship to marrying the most wonderful man in the world, from trying to please everyone to being authentic, from being quiet and thinking that everyone else is better than her to expressing her opinion freely and loving herself, from trying to change the people she loves to accepting them as they are, from being just a normal shy girl to being the happiest person in the world!

This is me! I continuously transform myself and grow, in order to be able to discover the best of myself and share it with the world. This is how I help people like you transform their lives, too.

My Values & Beliefs

Wake up the child in you.

Connect to your inner child. Connect to your natural curiosity and spontaneity. Use your imagination more creatively. It’s a tool. Play. Feel free to have fun. Be joyous. Find your true passion and inspiration. And only then take action.

You are unique.

You and only you know best what’s best for you. No one else can tell you what’s right for you. So learn to listen to yourself. Increase your sensitivity, so you can sense what you need at any given moment.

You form your reality

The universe, your life, the very nature itself is like clay in your hands. You form it. You make it the way it is. This is your world. And you can be the happiest person in it. I know this is true, because I’ve done it multiple times.

My Approach

Through the years I was studying and improving myself in various ways, including coaching courses, seminars and hundreds of books. I became a laughter yoga instructor and a certified life coach. A little more than a year ago, I found out about the strategic interventions method, established by Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha – some of the best coaches in the world, having helped millions of people, including famous actors, sport stars, and even presidents.

I completed my coach training at the Robbins-Madanes Center and started coaching using the strategic interventions method. It unites the most effective practices from many psychology and coaching disciplines. These strategies actually bring better results with less effort. You can achieve unexpected and fast results.

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