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Jumping is So Much Fun And So Healthy at the Same Time

Jumping is so much fun! No wonder so many favorite games for children include jumping. You can have fun, laugh and dance while jumping. But jumping is also wonderful for your health. Here’s why. There are a few pillars of physical health, and one of them is exercising...

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Home-Made Almond Milk Recipe

Milk from all types of nuts is a great substitute for animal milk. However, I don’t use it only as a substitute, but as a very delicious and healthy food that can be used for lots of great recipes for smoothies, sweets, raw chocolate and many more tasty stuff. It is,...

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Video: 4 Ways to Change Your State in 2 Minutes

Stressed? Worried? Anxious? Too many things to get done? From a more positive state, you will be able to focus easily, get more things done faster, feel good about yourself, communicate better and a lot more. So here are my favorite 4 ways to change your...

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